Apple Combinations

All apples are Caramel based except the Red Candy!


White chocolate, melted peanut butter, chocolate chips, milk & white chocolate drizzles, & peanuts

Pecan Monster    

Pecan halves, milk OR dark chocolate, & white chocolate drizzle


Graham crackers, marshmallows, & milk chocolategraphic

Rocky Road                   

Walnuts, marshmallows, & milk chocolate

Almond Joy                   

Almonds and coconut with a milk chocolate drizzle

Pecan Pie                                

Pecans, white chocolate drizzle with cinnamon & sugar

Reese’s Pieces               

Reese’s Pieces with milk chocolate drizzle


Crushed Snickers with milk chocolate drizzle

Chocolate Pecan                                    

Rolled in pecan pieces and drizzled with milk chocolate


Rolled in pecan pieces

Cookies N Cream         

White chocolate & crushed Oreo’s


White chocolate and rolled in crushed Butterfinger

Apple Pie                                

White chocolate with cinnamon & sugar

Triple Chocolate                  

Milk chocolate drizzle, white chocolate drizzle, & dark chocolate drizzle

Tiger Butter                 

Mixture of white chocolate & peanut butter with milk chocolate swirl

M&M                                                          graphic

Rolled in M&M’s

Chocolate Peanut                                          

Rolled in peanuts and drizzled with milk chocolate

Rainbow Sprinkle               

Dipped in white chocolate and rolled in rainbow sprinkles

Single Chocolate                  

Drizzled with milk, dark, OR white chocolate


Rolled in granulated peanuts


Plain ole’ fashioned caramel apple


Traditional red candy (Cherry or Cinnamon flavors available)